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The site http://thewwbs.com/ is owned by X-CLOUD SOLUTION

Using, visiting and buying goods on the e-books ereportacademy website is possible subject to the following terms and conditions:


1.1. Client / Buyer is a natural person placing, implementing a firm Order.

1.2. Seller – e-books ereportacademy

1.3. Goods – any items specified in the Order provided by the Seller to the Buyer.

1.4. Order – an electronic document establishing the relationship between the Seller and the Buyer, according to which the Seller agrees to deliver the Goods and Services and the Buyer agrees to accept these Goods and Services and make payment for them.


2.1. A customer can order products on the e-books ereportacademy website either online, using a shopping basket, or by email or phone. Before completing an online Order — clicking on the “Submit Order” button, the Client must enter all the necessary details in the Order Form (Personal data, e-mail, phone, etc.) in a personal account or on the “Quick Order” page. This information will be stored and used by the Seller on subsequent orders of the Buyer. The buyer can change any information in his personal account.

2.2. By completing the Order, the Client assumes all responsibility for the correctness of the data provided, otherwise he is responsible for the consequences of these errors (Expired Order, delivered by mistake, etc.). Seller is relieved of any liability in case of entering erroneous data.

2.3. A customer who placed an Order by mistake or unilaterally refused an Order may cancel it by e-mail or telephone no later than 30 minutes after placing the Order.

2.4. The Seller may refuse to fulfill the Order due to prior notice sent to the Client by email or phone, without any obligations between the parties and without the right to demand compensation for one of the parties in the following cases:

• Failed / canceled online transaction;

• Failure of the Bank to accept the Customer’s / transaction card by the issuer;

• Incomplete or incorrect customer data;

• Other factors …

After accepting the Order, the Seller must notify the Buyer by e-mail or phone about the confirmation / non-confirmation of the Order.
The obligation of the Buyer is fulfilled at the time of payment of the Order. * It is possible that e-mails about the confirmation of the Order will be sent to the “SPAM” folder of your e-mail inbox, so please also check the “SPAM” folder to make sure you have received e-mail from us.

2.5. In certain cases and for justified reasons, the Seller reserves the right to change the number of Products in the Order. In these cases, the Seller must notify the Customer by e-mail or by the telephone number provided to the Seller in the implementation of the Order, and return the value of the undelivered goods to the Customer’s account (bank card).

2.6. Orders placed during the day by the same person at the same address are automatically combined into one Order.

2.7. An order containing discount cards / vouchers should be accepted only by the owner of the order with a card / voucher, and a document proving his identity.

2.8. A refusal is unilaterally filed in writing and sent with a request for confirmation of receipt by confirmed fax or e-mail until the moment the item is ordered. In this case, if the payment has already been made by the Client, the money will be returned to him (except for bank charges / fees) no later than 14 days from the date of the transaction.


3.1. Payment for the ordered goods can be made:

ONLINE with a bank card in complete security, at the time of completion of the order. Accepted for payment are cards issued under the sign of VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro). The seller does not charge any additional fees for online transactions.

3.3. Processing of card data is carried out exclusively on the servers of the bank. The Seller does not request or store any data of the Customer’s bank card. The price is considered paid at the time of transfer of money to the Seller’s account. Seller is not responsible for the correctness of payments.

3.5. In case of non-payment by the Customer, the order is considered canceled and is not subject to execution. In this case, the Seller has the right to demand compensation for damage and / or refuse to fulfill other orders of this Client.

Orders registered on the website (by e-mail or by phone) on Friday after 17:15, as well as on Saturday or Sunday, are subject to processing on Monday.


6.1. Despite the fact that the Seller makes constant efforts to maintain the accuracy of information on the site, the Seller does not take responsibility for the description of the goods presented on the site, which are provided to the Seller by other suppliers. The information provided on the site (a set of images and texts) is for reference only and comes from sources that the Seller considers reliable.

6.4. Any conflict arising between the Seller and the Customer is resolved by negotiation by mutual agreement of the parties. If no agreement is reached, the legal provisions in this area will apply.


7.1. According to the requirements of the legislation on the protection of personal data, the Seller is obliged to manage the data provided to him in a secure environment and provide them only for the following purposes: statement of an account, informing about the status of the order / dispatch, improving the site, quality of goods and services provided, as well as informing customers about the update sites, new features and additional information of interest to the client. Refusal to provide information results in the impossibility of fulfilling the Order.

7.2. Seller shall not provide Customer data to third parties. The personal data of the Clients is transferred to other bodies that have the right to carry out any valid checks based on the law, subject to the request in accordance with applicable law.

7.3. To ensure the correctness of the information, the Customer is requested to inform the Seller about any change that has occurred since the day of his registration in the database (creating a personal user account), or to make changes in the personal account data himself.

7.4. Deletion of the Client’s personal data from the database is performed upon his written request sent by e-mail. Confirmation of the final deletion of personal data in the database is sent to the address of the Client.

7.5. The site http://thewwbs.com/ uses security measures against the loss and erroneous use of information provided by the Client. Seller does not undertake to lose information caused by errors in the site software. Also not responsible for the security of the server hosting the site.


8.1. Discounts provided by the Seller through any Promotions / Special Offers apply exclusively to the goods listed on the site, unless otherwise provided. Discounts provided within the framework of the Promotion are not applied to goods included in the category “Special offers”, they are purchased at the price indicated on the website.

8.3. Discounts can be used only at the time of placing the Order, they cannot be used to reduce the cost of the Order after its placement.

8.4. Discounts used by the Buyer (loyalty card) are applied separately for each product of the Order and are calculated automatically by the information system of the Seller (in the event that the Buyer enters the order form of the identification data of the card). For any promotion where a discount voucher is applied, a limit is set: one voucher per person. In the case of Orders containing several items, the discount voucher value is allocated to one item and is calculated automatically by the information system of the Seller

8.5. Special offers / promotions are not combined with other discounts, promotions and discounts for regular customers (the cardholder cannot use the combined discount provided by applying a discount card / voucher to an existing discount within the promotion), unless otherwise provided by the promotion. This is indicated in the regulations of the relevant shares.

8.6. The seller establishes unilaterally the regulations of the shares / special offers organized by him, publishing them exclusively on the website. Promotions apply to Orders in which the rules posted on the website are fully complied with, during the period clearly indicated on the website, and within the limits of the available stock. The seller does not guarantee the availability of goods in stock for the entire period of the promotion and reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time during its implementation without prior notice.

8.7. The seller reserves the right to change any of the conditions established by the regulations of the action, for objective reasons, subject to prior notice to site visitors about these changes.

8.8. For each card / voucher, a code and various requirements are required to be recognized as valid and applicable. Please read the information on it / him carefully in order to be able to use the discount provided. Discount cards / vouchers can not be replaced in case of loss, theft or destruction.

8.9. In case of return of goods purchased by a discount card / voucher, the discount provided is deducted from the cost of return, and the voucher loses its valid